Pre & Post Operative Care Ann Arbor

Skin care services, camouflage makeup and therapeutic massage are included in some surgical procedures to optimize your results and accelerate the healing process.

Pre and Post Op Skin Care

Complimentary skin care consultations are encouraged before and after some facial procedures to optimize your surgical results and accelerate the healing process. After an evaluation by one of our skin care specialists, you will receive recommendations for medically formulated products specific to your skin type. These products can increase exfoliation and hydration, prevent postoperative hyperpigmentation, encourage tissue repair, and protect the skin.

Cosmetic Surgery Post Op Care

Camouflage Makeup

Camouflage makeup effectively conceals the temporary side effects of cosmetic surgery and can diminish facial imperfections such as acne scars, dark pigmentation, facial trauma and port wine stains. Our camouflage makeup artist can also teach you techniques to enhance your most attractive features.

Post Operative Massage Therapy

On-site therapeutic massage after surgery can increase tissue mobility, reduce swelling, and enhance overall comfort for many patients. Our physicians recommend post operative massage therapy following many surgical procedures to facilitate healing. You may also learn self-massage techniques to further assist in your healing process.
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