At the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we offer the innovative, FDA-cleared BodyTite treatment for Ann Arbor and other Michigan patients who want skin tightening and fat reduction without surgery.

For many men and women, unwanted fat is a fact of life. Fat can appear anywhere on the body, but certain places are particularly prone to fat development. Learn here how BodyTite can both reduce stubborn fat pockets and improve skin condition, and why it may be an excellent option for you.

Model in white bikini standing on the beachWhat Is BodyTite?

BodyTite uses radiofrequency energy and is less invasive than traditional liposuction. Using a technique called RFAL (radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis), the procedure generates heat that melts and loosens targeted fat, making it easier to extract from the body. The BodyTite device offers controlled temperature settings to keep the treatment safe and accurate. The heat not only makes fat extraction less traumatic but also stimulates collagen in treatment areas, improving skin’s quality and enhancing overall results.

Are You a Candidate for BodyTite?

Because BodyTite is less invasive than traditional liposuction, it is also slightly less versatile. This means BodyTite is most effective in the following areas:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Abdomen and flanks

BodyTite is not intended to be a weight-loss procedure. Instead, it works best for people who want to reduce small areas of fat that haven’t responded to changes in diet or exercise. Good candidates are in generally good physical and mental health and free of medical conditions that could interfere with treatment. They also have realistic expectations for their results.

For patients in search of a completely noninvasive treatment option, CoolSculpting® may be an appropriate option. We also offer FaceTite to tighten and smooth skin on the face and neck.

The Treatment Experience

Our physicians will administer your BodyTite procedure while you are under general anesthesia, or they may use local anesthesia with sedation. The type of anesthesia you receive depends on the specifics of your surgery. You’ll discuss anesthesia during your initial consultation so you’ll know precisely what to expect.

Once you are fully anesthetized and comfortable, your surgeon makes a very small incision on the area you want to treat. He inserts the BodyTite probe into this incision. The probe directs radiofrequency energy to your unwanted fat, melting and loosening it. While the probe works, the upper portion of the BodyTite device sits on top of your skin to ensure accuracy and generate heat. The heat stimulates collagen development to thicken skin and improve your results.

After your treatment, you will immediately enjoy preliminary results of your BodyTite procedure. However, as swelling diminishes and collagen production increases, your results will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

We look forward to helping you look your best, whether it’s with BodyTite or another body contouring procedure. Please schedule a consultation using our online form or call the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at (734) 712-2323.

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